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Mobility Controls

mobility hand controls for driving

Hand Controls

All options available including push/pull brake and accelerator with leg protection, smooth action and comfortable grip.

mobility foot accelerator

Infrared Control Systems

These secondary control systems for operating lights, indicator and wipers etc' are univeral and can be left or right useage.

mobility foot accelerator

Pedal Guards

Removeable and fixed guards available. A pedal guard should be used in conjunction with hand controls if the drivers feet are likely to slide underneath the pedals.

mobility foot accelerator

Steering Aid

A wide variety available including standard or quick release.

mobility foot accelerator

Left Foot Accelerator

We have a number of products available including floor mounted, fold-away, fly-by-wire so there is always one available for your vehicle. (The original vehicle pedal can still be operated if required)

mobility foot accelerator

Easy Release Handbrake

The handbrake release is a simple mechanical attachment which allows the driver to release the brake latch when hand mobility is reduced.

mobility foot accelerator

Wheel Chair Hoists

With over 10 hoists available, we have one that fits your everyday requirements and can be operated with ease.

motabilty vehicle controls and Aids

Motability Seats

Full range of manual and electric seat adaptations available from Bradley Auto Services.

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